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Financial Consulting Solutions

Consultants often tell a business owner where he or she can cut costs to make the financial statements look better, while claiming this advice equates to financial consulting solutions.

However, a service like the one described above is nothing more than window dressings that could do the business more harm than good. It can also give financial professionals and consultants a bad name.

True financial consulting solutions involve an in-depth analysis of a company’s corporate structure, and the development of long-term strategic plans to maximize profitability and achieve lasting results. This is where Reality-Based Accounting Solutions come into play at Topline Valuation Group through its accounting network with Santos, Postal & Company, P.C.

Unlike traditional financial consulting and accounting services – where a client provides historical records to an accountant, the accountant takes the information that has already occurred and performs journal entries or revises the client’s entries, and then provides the client with a financial statement showing how the company operated a few months ago – Topline and Santos, Postal take their analysis several steps further.

Clients provide real-time information to our firm’s team of certified public accountants, who then begin collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the financial and organizational data under our multi-tiered RBAS approach:

  • Level 1 – What have we done? This comprises the technical foundation clients need to operate the financial aspects of their business, such as real-time bookkeeping and accounting services, tax planning and preparation, or audit, review, or compiled financial statements.

  • Level 2 – What do we need to monitor closely? We analyze and educate our clients about the key performance indicators needed to operate their business. This occurs by conducting a series of “what if” scenarios to help determine growth, cash flow, and needs in operations, finance, sales/marketing, and personnel.

  • Level 3 – Where are we going? Focus on the future. This is how we help our clients establish strategies and direction through goal setting and seeking.

  • Level 4 – How do we get there? We work to collaboratively link financial goals with business activities, and measure the outcomes of those activities.

  • Level 5 – What do we improve next? Continuous improvement is critical to operating a business and increasing its value. We constantly monitor the client’s performance and provide guidance to strategically manage business activities. Everyone at the client’s company has accountability in meeting goals.

In the end, would you rather have a few pieces of paper that told you how your business operated financially a few months ago, or would you rather establish a long-term relationship with a firm whose goal is to help you grow while maximizing profitability and efficiency operations?

If you have questions or wish to confidentially discuss your business interests, please contact a member of the Topline team at

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